Race day is here!

Congratulations 6A, after 4 long, hard weeks of preparation, Solar Boats race day is finally here. I am so proud of each of you for the persistence, dedication, organisation and getting along skills that you have shown over this project.

During races, only 2 people from your team are required. Make sure you take turns, so everyone has a chance to race your boat. You must have a table in your maths book to record the times for each race and any alterations that you make to your boat. Everyone in your team needs this table.
During a race, one person will put the boat in, the other person will time the race. The ten race times will be averaged for your team to work out who may get to complete in the finals

You may also want to take a video or photos of the race.

In addition to racing today, there are number of other tasks that MUST be completed. They are listed below.

  • Race Day blog post, include:
    6 images in a gallery with captions. You can use the gallery option through insert media, or investigate a website to use to create a gallery and insert it into your blog post.
    A video of your boat during a race heat.
    A reflection tool from my blog page. You MUST select a tool that requires you to respond in FULL detailed sentences.
    A table or graph showing your 10 trial race times
    A visual poetry word cloud. This is a free app, search ‘visual poetry’. If you have access to the app store, you can create one of these. If not, have a go at using something like pic collage to arrange some solar boat words.
  • Near Pod Survey. Access Near Pod through a Safari search. The code is: JGPLO
    When you ‘sign in’ please use your proper name and an initial if there are multiples of your name.
  • Best poster vote. Following the prompts, write a short paragraph on which poster you think is the best poster. You cannot vote for your own poster.

Good Luck, may the best boat win!

One thought on “Race day is here!

  1. tamiahngps March 18, 2016 / 11:59 am

    Hey Grace (-:
    Love your blog post it has so much detail. Yesterday your best was amazing it worked so well I wish that was my boat sometimes. I love all the expression you put into it. I think you have done an amazing job. All your hard work has payed of! (-;
    From your bestie Tamiah.
    (-: (-; )-: )-;

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