Your school needs you! Vote now.

Hi all, over the past two weeks we have been working hard on creating our own political parties. These have to include: a leader, campaign slogan, party logo, at least 5 members, a statement for what they stand for, two proposed bill changes associated to school (realistic/viable/costings), five pieces of advertising/propaganda (banner, badges, poster, advert, pamphlet) and funding ideas for proposed bills.

On Thursday we will be spending most of the morning until 12:30pm preparing to present to the school all of the above. From 12:30 – 12:45pm you will be setting up your political party information booth in the Upper School courtyard ready for the constituents to vote from 12:45pm until 1:30.

As Thursday is your campaign day you are allowed to come in clothes to represent your party.  You will need to make sure that you are well presented and your clothing will encourage people to vote for you.  Feel free to share this post with your parents!

After lunch on Thursday, the successful party will be given time to decide how they are going to govern the Year 6s on Friday (within the rules of the school of course!) This will have to tie in with your party statement 1 voting 2

Good luck and my the most well prepared party win!

Looking forward to placing my vote!

The One and Only Ivan – Your thoughts!

Think you’ve got your head around the book? Try this quiz

Paste these questions into a comment below answering them in full sentences. Justify your answers with examples from the text using your reading response journal as a resource.

Why did Applegate choose to have Ivan tell the story?

Give an example of either a simile or a metaphor from the text and use it in a sentence.

There are many characters in the book show don’t tell me about one of them

What is so important about the relationship Stella and Ivan have

if you met Mack what would you say him?

Do you think Mack cared about Ivan? why/why not?

Snickers and Bob are both dogs. But why are they treated so differently in the story?

Describe the part of the book which you think left the most lasting impression on you? Why?