S.T.E.A.M. day reflection

3D Object – Design, Construct and evaluate


Within your presentation include


The name of your 3D object

Why is the object significant to your culture?

Why did you choose this object over everything else in your culture?

Photos of the design, real image and construction side by side as a comparison


Present the answer to these questions as a part of your presentation.

What issue did you have when designing and constructing? (group work, measuring, scale drawing, materials)

Did you complete the task in the set time? Did making the step by step goals/instructions help with keeping on track?

Did you stick you to your plan? How do you know?

What are the final measurements of your 3D model? (use Bosch job app to show measurements) Did you measure whilst you were building?

Did you use materials not on your list? Why/why not?

If you were to do the project again what would you do differently? Why?

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