Solar Boats reflection

Congratulations on completing a Race Day that was challenging and using your problem solving skills to make changes to your boat when needed! Now we need to think back over the term and reflect on what worked and what didn’t.

Your first task is to fill in the Pie chart about team work in relation to building your Solar Boat. On your sheet there is three circles – one for Effort, one for Empathy and one for Cooperation. You need to think about each aspect and divide the circle into parts that represent each of team members contribution.

The next task is to write answers to the below questions on a page in your Solar Boats book.

6 Hats Reflection:

White/information/facts: If you were to do this project again, what information would you like to have before you begin?

Red/feelings: what emotions did you feel and why? Choose 3. What events contributed to these feelings?

Yellow/positives: What did you enjoy about Solar Boats, what were the great/fun/interesting things?

Black/negatives: What things did you find difficult/challenging about Solar Boats and why?

Green/changes: If you were to do Solar Boats again, what would you change? How would you like to prepare grade 5 students for Solar Boats?

Blue/ summaries/conclusions: This is a section for you to add your final thoughts about solar boats.