Thursday 8th June

Hi everyone,

here is what I have planned for today:

Independent reading and a reflection

Answer these questions: Why do you think we have government?

Can you put into order who has power in Australia from most to least.

Watch BTN – Governor General

Writing – work on your 3 way conference, you need to have finished your draft for introduction and your reading.

Maths Online – I have set two lessons, Chance experiments 1560 and Observed and expected frequencies 1567

Political parties – get together with your party and all come up with a name for the party, a slogan and a platform (basic beliefs/values of the party). Vote for the best option for each thing. If you get all this done you can start working on a draft blog post about your party.

After lunch we will be working on this weeks Soundwaves unit.

Have fun, see you on Friday!