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Hello! You have found your way to 6A’s About page.  We are a class of 23 talented, interesting individuals, from horse riders to dancers, football legends to taekwondo champions , gamers to hospitality experts, coders to netballers and we have lots of avid readers. We are part of New Gisborne Primary School, in Victoria, Australia. My students all have their own blogs that are linked to the class blog and you can access these from the sidebar under ‘Class Blogs’.

Our Blog

This is a diary of the learning going on in our classroom.  The students blogs are a place for students to express themselves individually and to share what they have created (i.e. writing, photography, reports on school events, etc.)  We also use the class blog as a place to find links to other sites to support our learning.

20 things you didn’t know about me (Ms Morris)

  1. I spent four year training to be a teacher – three at Ballarat University and one at Deakin in Melbourne.
  2. My first teaching job was – Music Specialist at Newlands Primary in Coburg.
  3. I have been teaching for 25 years and have taught all primary year levels.
  4. I was born in South Australia.
  5. I grew up on a sheep and wheat farm near Horsham.
  6. My first paid job was gathering Mallee roots for firewood!
  7. I went to boarding school for two years.
  8. I have two teenage children – a daughter and a son.
  9. My family are one of the most important parts of my life.
  10. I have lived in five different places and eleven different houses.
  11. Vietnam was the most amazing place to visit in the early 1990s – wonderful people, hardly any electricity!
  12. I started to learn Italian as an adult and learnt enough to use it on a basic level when travelling
  13. My family and I went overseas for 5 weeks in 2015, to Ireland, France and Italy.
  14. We have always had pets at home – goldfish, hermit crabs, cats and dogs.
  15. Currently we have a cat, Snowy who is 11 years old and a dog, Maffy who is a very playful four years old!
  16. My favourite type of food is Italian with curries coming a close second.
  17. I love to cook when I have lots of time, you should taste my chocolate cake!
  18. I always have a book I am reading, my favourite place to read as a child was at the top of a huge pine tree (where mum could not find me!)
  19. I have been driving since I was 7 years old and have rolled two cars!
  20. I am passionate about teaching and always looking for ways to make learning interesting.

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