Today we watched the Pixar short film “Boundin”.




From the film give examples of “Using initiative and taking responsibility for actions”. What would you do if you were made to change/ look different from your normal self how would overcome the embarrassment?

Student diaries

This year we will be using the ‘Study Trek, Homework and Reading Diary 2015’. These were ordered at the end of 2015 and have not arrived yet. As it is a wonderful resource we have been using the information from the front of the diary in class. 

The student diary is to be at school everyday and kept with students at their tables. When it arrives please take the time to read through the first 23 pages of the diary as these will be used as a resource throughout the year. Student diaries we also be checked weekly and is to include:

  • A record of 5 personal events per week which may include; sports results, academic achievements, test results, holidays, birthdays or social events.
  • A record of homework tasks with due dates and timelines including projects
  • a record of nightly reading, which may also include comments about the book you are reading.
  • A parent/guardian signature to confirm parents/ guardians have seen the diary

Leadership Roles 2016

So you think you’ve got what it takes to be a school leader?

Applications for the eight school leaders position are now being accepted. Four boys and four girls will have the amazing opportunity to represent our school at numerous community events, host school assemblies and take guided tours around NGPS.

Applications close 3.30pm Friday 5th February and students will be asked to present their application to  students and staff on Monday 8th February throughout the day.

interested students need to submit a hand written letter of interest addressed to the principal of NGPS. the letter should include and not be limited to:

  • why should you be chosen as a leader – personal attributes
  • what leadership qualities do you have and examples of these
  • your communication skills
  • examples of being a role model for students at NGPS

Literacy folder – **NEW**

This year’s writer’s notebook is a little different than previous years. We are trialingcollage+for+writing+110609 the use of folder to keep all literacy ideas together.

Students must create 3 covers for the folder



Front: name, title grade and a collage of inspirational writing prompts (photos, book covers, magazine cut outs)

Spine: Name and Grade

Back: All about me collage – pictures of your family, pets, friends, favourite holiday etc

Your completed folder is due at school on Monday 8th February

Welcome to 6A!

Welcome to 6A,

this year we have a very busy year in front of us with lots of responsibility in our school community. In the first term alone we have:

– positive start to school program

– parent meet and greets

– selection for sporting teams – swimming

– prep buddies

– selection of both house captains and school leaders ( start thinking about how you would be the best person for these roles)

and more before Easter….. I’m excited just thinking about it!


Year 6 is packed full of exciting adventures and opportunities.

What are you most looking forward to in Year 6?

The Super Sixers jumpers? Camp? Leadership roles?

Whatever it is, let me know in a quality comment, don’t forget to tell me your reasons for why you are looking forward to it.















Hello from Europe!

A beautiful castle we stayed at in Ireland
A beautiful castle we stayed at in Ireland
Family in Avignon
Family in Avignon
Vernazza Italy - beautiful!
Vernazza Italy – beautiful!
Nice Promenade
Nice Promenade


The Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe
The Eiffel Tower at sunset (and my gorgeous children!)
The Eiffel Tower at sunset (and my gorgeous children!)

Hello everyone from Italy! My family have had a lovely trip so far and have just arrived in Italy. I have seen some groups of school children on school excursions and thought of you each time! Here are some photos that show what we have been doing.

Lots of love, Ms Morris

A Visit from the Fire-fighters


Whoosh! The water came shooting out of the hose.
Today three fire-fighters came to our classroom. (Lachlan)
Their names were Troy, Mick and Dave. One was my dad. (Chloe)
You have to ring 000 in an emergency and tell them theres a fire, your name and where you live. (Noah D)
Some children got to try on the small uniforms. (Amelia)
We got to see the ‘Get down low and go, go, go, picture. (Julia)
You have to crawl down low in smoke. (Jamie D)
If your clothes are on fire you need to ‘Stop, drop, cover and roll’ to put the flames out. (Jack)
We saw what they wear in a fire including the breathing mask. (Nash)
We got to see the breathing tank. (Archie)
We saw the fireman’s gear. (Rory)
The smoke alarm was really loud! (Hailey)
Mick and the teachers had a race to put on the uniform, the teachers won! (Vaughn)
We went into two lines and one group saw everything the other group got to spray the water.(Zoe)
We saw the fire truck and everything in it. (Lily)
when the water came out of the hose it made a big flood. (Jamie U)
Splash, splash, splash, the children jumped in the water. (Sassy)
They explained what everything did on the truck. (Noah S)
We all got wet when the spray came back over us. (Isabelle)
When we sprayed the water it was kind of like fireworks. (Tobias)
It felt cold when the water went on our faces. (Jayme-Lee)

I liked squirting the hose, so much water came out! (Rowan)


Swimming begins for 1C on Wednesday afternoon.  Please do not forget to bring thongs to change into before we go to the pool.  This helps us to change quickly and get out to our lesson.  Also if children are wearing their bather to school,  do not forget to pack a change of underwear for them to put on after the lesson. We also need to wear swimming caps, so if you have one at home please send it along.

Looking forward to seeing any parent helpers that can come along – the more, the merrier!life-time-swim-0352a965dfb8abf